Handmade Cashmere ROYAL BLUE Blanket/Throw/movie blanket/Soft Warm bedspread

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This cashmere wool blended Blankets is produced using the undercoat of the Goats. Cashmere Product is made by using the finest quality Cashmere wool.
This wool originates from the underbelly of Himalayan goat that lives in Himalayan. This item gets to be milder and gentler the more you use.

"No creature is butchered and no kid work is included in the whole procedure of gathering, cleaning and checking the fleece, making yarn, sewing, kicking the bucket and making this product."

The spread is superbly warm, supple, rich in colour and pattern.
You can wear this blankets in different ways like pulling the ends through a loop and also wrap over your shoulder to keep yourself comfortably warm and cosy.

This luxurious and unique blankets can also be used as a delightful interior throw, fabric for cushion covers or snugly as a movie blanket. You can also use as Bedding Sofa or Bedding Decorations.

Soft Cashmere Blend Blankets, Preferred Hand wash only with lukewarm water, lay flat.

Measurement Size: L-102 X W- 36 inch
Superb gift to be warm and cosy in this winter and in any breezing cold day.

The exact colour may differ slightly from what you see on the picture but we have tried to keep it as real as possible.